Advancement & Professions
Advancing will require that you Quest or RP on the Forums frequently, upon gaining a Level of Advancement you will gain an HP bonus

Advancement Specifiations

Professions will only effect your Character if you happen to Quest a lot, as they only take effect when your character gains levels. They will increase your HP, Power, and Magic.

Profession Specifications
Skills & Abilities

Statistics Information
HP - Health Points: The higher the amount the more you can last in battle. If you are in a Quest and this reaches Zero, your Character will be KO'ed, please note that KO'ed does not mean dead. However if you are Dueling and this reaches Zero, your character will pass on to the afterlife.

PA - Physical Attack: The higher the PA is, the more damage you will inflict onto others physically. Be it either by hand to hand combat, or with weapons.
Most Weapons add a Bonus to your PA.

MA - Magical Attack: the higher your MA is, the more damage you will cause others via magic. Be it a spell, chant, or the wave of your hand.

SP - Summon Points: Summons are yet to be released, but when they are they will require a certain amount of points to Act, you will get 5SP per level gained.

AP - Advancement Points: You can only aquire AP through roleplaying, AP is only used to Advance your Group/Character.

XP - Experience Points: This will allow your characters to gain Levels. You need 100XP to gain a level. Level gain rewards your Character with Stat Bonuses. You can only gain XP via Questing.

SB - Skill Blips: These allow your Character to aquire certian abilities or skills that are used in Combat, Quests, or Gauntlets. You Gain SB when you Gain XP.

G - Golji: The currency of Luftwell, Golji comes in coins and tender so you may RP using your Golji as either. You can gain Golji through Questing, or if you advance to a level 2 or higher Advncmnt. Status. Golji is used for buying Weapons, Items, and Equipment.

***** - Blips: Blips will show in the Status forums, the higher the Blip the higher your Character / Group has advanced.