How it Works
When a Character or Group reaches the required amount of AP, they will be Automatically Advanced to the next Level (Note: This means you won't have to request to move up in status, you'll advance automaticly, once you meet the requirment).

Each Group / Citizen will have their AP listed in their Stats so You may keep track of how many more Points you need, or how many you have already.

If you are in a clan, you will still advance as an individual.
Groups only advance in Title.

Golji: Once you gain a Level in ADV, you'll gain an amount of Golji, please note you'll only recieve this reward once per level increase.

Earning Points & Required Points
These are a few ways to Earn Advance Points -

Note: When a SL is Completed, PM a Moderator to close it, this way we'll be able to know when it's completed, and will reward the points to those involved.

SL by Yourself (3pts):
SL w/your Character & Another Character/Group (4pts)
SL w/your Character & 4 or more people (5pts)
SL involving one of the Gods (5pts)
Participating in a Quest (5pts):
Note: If you leave during the quest you'll only recieve 1pt, you'll have to endure the entire quest to get 5pts.
Fighting to the Death in #Vulture (3pts):
Whomever survives gets the pts. If you grant Mercy on your opponet you'll get 2pts. They will recieve 1pt.

Surviving a Gauntlet/Tournament:
2AP for 3 Rounds.
4AP for 6 Rounds.
6AP for 9 Rounds.
10AP for 15 Rounds.

Q: How do Groups/Families gain AP?
A: When the Members in a Grou/Family gain an amount of AP, that amount is also rewarded to what Group/Family they are a part of.
For Instance, say the Group PsT has 0AP, but One oftheir Members goes on a Quest, that Member would get 5AP, but PsT would also get 5AP.

Character Advancement Stat Bonuses

- Groups -
Level 1: Group No Bonus
Level 2: Clan +15HP to Members
Land:1 Parcel
Requires:30AP & 3 Members
Level 3: Kingdom +30HP to Members
Land:+2 Parcels
Requires:70AP & 8 Members
Level 4: Empire +45HP to Members
Land:+3 Parcels
Requires:120AP & 15 Members
Level 5: Legacy +60HP to Members
Land:+4 Parcels
Requires:200AP & 25 Members

- Families -
Level 1: Family No Bonus
Level 2: House +15HP to Members
Land:1 Parcel
Requires:30AP & 3 Members
Level 3: Kindred +30HP to Members
Land:+2 Parcels
Requires:70AP & 8 Members
Level 4: Bloodline +45HP to Members
Land:+2 Parcels
Requires:120AP & 15 Members
Level 5: Lineage +60HP to Members
Land:+3 Parcels
Requires:200AP & 25 Members

- Individuals -
Level 1: Denizen +10g
Level 2: Citizen +20HP
Level 3: Akuto +46HP
Level 4: Noble +68HP
Level 5: Vanguard +150HP

Once you gain a level in advancement the amount
of AP it requires will be subtracted from your toltal.

Ex. of how Character ADV Lv will show as:
'Character Name' [Akuto Lv45]