How to Register your Character
1. Start a New Topic in the Register Forum.
2. In the Subject place your Character's Name, include in Brackets [Denizen] if your Character is Alone, or [Tags] if your Character is in a Group.
3. In the Message Body include this info. :
Character Name:
Character Race:
How to Register your Group/Famly
1. Start a New Topic in the Register Forum.
2a. In the Subject place your Group's Name, include in Brackets [Group].
2b. If you are registering a Family then instead include in brackets [Family].
Notes: A Group wears Tags, a Family is a Bloodline, they hold a Last Name.
3. In the Message Body include this information:
Notes: Room and Site are Optional, you may include the Member list when registering yr Group/Family.
Choosing a Class
Some people may not know how to choose a class.
Sure the only classes you may choose to start with are these four: Karada, Seishin, Mannaka, & Gako.

How do you choose? Its easy. You pick based on what your character is capable of, or what you want them to be capable of.

For instance, if you want your character to be more offensive Physically then you'd choose Karada, Since Karada Starts you with 25HP 10PA 8MA, and each level you gain nets you +8HP, +3PA, +1MA.

If you want your character to be more potent in the magical sense, then you'll want Seishin, which starts you with 25HP 10MA 8PA, you get +8HP, +1PA, +3MA per gained level.

If you want an all-arounder then Mannaka is for you, they start with 25HP 9PA 9MA. For Level gain they award your character with +4HP, +4PA, +4MA per level. (Note that you get Less HP per level gain).

The Gaiko is for characters who wish to not fight, unlike the other professions, their goal isn't to inflict pain, instead they act as support, so they start with 30HP 6PA 6MA. They Gain +10HP +1PA +1MA per level. If your Character is a Non-Fighter/Combatant then this is the class for you.

Notes: PA is Physical Attack Power, MA is Magical Attack Power. HP is Hit-Points.