Quests are the only way to Gain Levels in Luftwell, you'll need to Quest if you want to level up, unlock sections, gain new items, earn money ect. The whole point of Questing is to build upon your character.

In Luftwell, there are 2 Types of Quests:

Adventure: revolves around RP, the questing party working together, or apart, there will be exploring, situations, combat, traps, dungeons, bosses, merchants, cities, and facilites.

Adventure Quests net you 5AP

Gauntlets: These are soley combative Quests, you'll be placed in an Arena where you are forced to fight opponets until you've completed all rounds, if you get ko'ed the Gauntlet is over.

3 Rounds = 2AP | 6 Rounds = 4AP
9 Rounds = 6AP | 15 Rounds = 10AP

More Gauntlet Info.
Gauntlets are set up in Rounds.

There are 2 Types of Gauntlets.

1. Gauntlet: In Gauntlets, you'll recieve XP and Golji from Opponets, you will not recieve dropped items or artifacts, Gauntlets last 3 Rounds, the enemies you face depend on what level you are, A group of people may enter a Gauntlet. You may not inflict Bad Status in Gauntlets.

2. Cage Gauntlet: CG's are unlike the other two Gauntlets, instead of facing NPC Monsters/Humans, you will face eachother. You have to Survive the CG to earn a Prize, however the last to be KO'ed will get a 2nd Place Prize.

3. Iron Gauntlets: Iron Gaunts are set up for Characters, they face Set Level Opponets for each level of difficulty, if one character has a Plat. Trophey then they may set up Supreme Matchs (even if the other characters dont have one; however if you dont have a Plat. Trophey you will not recieve an Expert Trophey as a prize).

In Iron Gaunts, you may steal, recieve dropped items, capture, recieve artifacts, & can inflict bad status, each Iron Gauntlet cost varies.

Prizes- If you Survive an Iron Gauntlet you'll get 1 prize on the list, prizes are random.
Supreme Prizes- In the Team Match, Characters that are still alive, will recieve everything on the list.

-Easy Level (10g) - Survive 3 Rounds:
Opponets are in Levels of 1-10
Prize List:
Insense, Vitamin, Mineral, Scroll, Bronze Trophey.
Bronze Trophey Enables 6 Round Gaunts

-Moderate Level (30g) - Survive 6 Rounds:
Opponets Are in Levels of 10-25
Prize List:
Herb, Tonic, Gold Weapon, Livial, Silver Trophey.
Silver Trophey Enables 9 Round Gaunts

-Difficult Level (60g) - Survive 9 Rounds:
Opponets are in Levels of 25-40
Prize List:
Eien Insence, Gravi Insence, Elemental Gem, Gemini Gem, Gold Trophey.
Gold Trophey Enables 15 Round Gaunts

-Expert Level (90g) - Survive 15 Rounds:
Opponets are in Levels of 40-70
Prize List:
Tji Insense, Zenith Insence, 500g, Expert Ring, Platinum Trophey.
Platinum Trophey Enables 10 Round Team Gaunts

-Supreme Level (50g each) - 10 Rounds
Number of Opponets Match Number of Characters.
Prize List:
Gold Weapon, 500g, Vitamin, Mineral, Gravi Insence, Smith Hammer, Herbx5, Tonicx5, Whiskyx3, Marlotx3, 100sb, 100xp, & Expert Trophey.
Expert Trophey Enables Boss Gaunts

-Boss Matchs (1000g) - 3 Rounds:
Varies, winnings based on Boss Info.