Chat Service Info.
The irc server is :, port #6667

Luftwell Chat Rooms are :
The Main Channel - #Ironspike
Extra Info -
Fighting: You may Fight in this Channel, however you will be RP Fighting without the use of Dice, a Brawl is just a Brawl, Unless your opponet allows themselves to be killed.
Payment: You can pay for Food & Drink in Ironspike without it effecting your actual Golji amount.
Location: Ironspike is Located within the Borders of Narcio, found on the Luftwell Map, its outside the main city yet within the borders.
Menu: We might get a BarBot, so this is pending.

The Event Channel - #portal
Extra Info -
Combat: There are 2 Systems. Dice, which is made to be customizable with Skills and Abilities; and Tech which is a Paragraph system that lets you dal fair amounts of damage. You can rea more about these on the Combat link.
Quests: Quests are Storylines thought up by the acting GM that the Characters are faced with.
Different Types of Quests:
Freeroam: The GM gives you a basic setting and allows the Character to choose where to go, creating the Quest as the GM goes along.
Task: If in a Town, an Office will offer Tasks or Mission that Characters may fullfill to get a reward of Golji, or an Item. The Character's Destination in these are Specific.

Gauntlets: We created the 'Gauntlet' back in Tyran, its a 3 Round Battle where all you do is fight Enemies, its a Fast way to gain XP and Golji, esp. if a GM doesn't have much time on their hands to do an actual Quest.
In Addition to Normal Gauntlets, there are Also Iron Gauntlets, you can find more Info. on those on the Quests page.

Duels: These are Fights between two Characters, either a Spar, a Bet, or a Death Match are within the range of a Duel. In a Bet two Characters would wager an amount of Golji or an Item, the winner would get what the loser forfeited. A Spar is like a Practice Fight, even if you Lose no harm is done to your Character. DMs are a bit more serious, if your Character loses, the'll be sent to hell, or rather Tachweld (An Apocalyptic Pocket World), they'll have to wait 1 Month (our time), to even have a chance to be revived, when that time comes they'll have to face others that have died, the Winner of the Ressurection Match gets Revived.

To Get info on Registering your Usernames on the server
Type in /msg nickserv help register

Gaming Guidelines
1.) Out of Character Defined:
Stepping Out of Character refers to the Player of a Character speaking, acting, etc. OOC Conversations should be kept out of the Gaming Rooms. Keep these OOC Discussions in your Whisper Panel, Instant Messenger, or in a Room Seperate from the Game.
If you must go OOC in the room please use ))'s at the end of each phrase, such like :
Null : afk))
But please do not Go OOC in a quest, if you must say something whisper the GM who will deal with the situation.

2.) In Character Defined:
In Character refers to the Role Played words, actions, etc. of a Character. You should always remain IC in the Game Rooms. Many times you may do things IC, that you cannot do OOC, please do not take advantage of this.
3.) Exceptions of OOC/IC rules :
Before a Quest starts you are allowed to ask Questions that may pertain to either an IC or OOC perspective. You may do the same after the Quest ends, however if you go OOC during a Quest you can be kicked from the room if you do so more than 3 times.

4.) Character Seperation:
C/S (Character Seperation) is defined as the Seperation of Two or More Characters played by the same Player. Characters are to be Played as though they are Two different Beings, Because They Are. For example Chara1 and Chara2 are two different people, so things that Chara1 might know, Chara2 would not know. Also, If Chara1 is in trouble it would be bad C/S if Chara2 suddenly showed up to help out.

5.) Character/Player Harrassment:
Players nor Characters are ever subject to unwanted Harrassment. If a Player/Character does not wish to interact w/another Player/Character then they reserve the right to not have to Interact w/the Person, making any relations between the two Parties Nulled unless both Parties agree to acknowledge them. I'd advise you to use /ignore if a person is really bothering you. I wouldn't ignore the staff though.

6.) Creator Rights:
You need to Register to retain the rights to your Character or Clan/Family, so always make sure you Register your characters or clan tags/family name on the Registration Forum to prevent loss of ownership.
If the Founder of a clan wishes to give his rights to another PC, then they may do so by posting in the General (OOC) Chat forum. The Founder will retain their rights, but the sucesser will be allowed to run the clan as they see fit.
-Warning!-: If you disban your clan, you will lose all rights to the name, and loose -ALL- earned AP (if yourClan/Family was Lv4, and Disbanded, then Re-Groups they would start at Lv1), Also if you disban, someone else may take the name.

7.) Religion:
There are 7 Deities in this world, but your character is not restricted to having faith in them, they can believe in other religions, even those from other games.

8.) Other Realms:
If your Character has a large history from another Realm, or world, then they will be allowed to talk about it to others, for example if they used to live on Earth, they may discuss this to others if it comes up in a conversation, or use it in their Character's Entry Paragraph.

9A.) Timeline: Luftwell is not related to Earth, So I won't be saying that the game's timeline is based on 1405, that's an Earth Year, Luftwell's 1405 would be different than Earth's 1405.
9B.) Timeline Setting: Like the basic Medievil Ages, However, there are limited uses of Technology.

10.) Technology: You may use Guns in Luftwell (No Automatics though), Villages, Clan Houses, The Bar, can have Indoor Lighting (provided through an energy source), they can have gas/electric ovens, Fridges/Freezers, Heaters, Fans, Indoor plumbing, and TP.

11.) Transportation: Trains are Available for the most common means of transportation. There are no Cars in Luftwell, but there are Boats, Wagons, Carts, Taxis (Taxis are Lifts that will transport a group in quests to higher locations), & Crawlers.

12.) Modern Objects: Refering to Modern Day Objects, in an Analogy is fine, Saying that you are drinking a Pepsi is Fine, Saying that you are driving a car isn't.

13.) Remember, this is a Fantasy Game, it exists to grant the players to have an outlet to RP in, to get away from everyday life. Some people call for Reality, I call for Fantasy. So, remember to just have fun and enjoy yourself.

14.) The Art of Giving: Your Character may give away various items and other object to another Character at any point. Here is a list of what you may give away, and what you cannot.
Giveaway List: Items, Equipment, Artifacts, Creatures, Summons, Horses, Relics, & Golji can be given away.
Must Keep List: XP/SB/EP, AP, Skills, Abilities, Land, Facilities, & Group AP cannot be given away.