Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
Leather Whip
An old whip made of leather, the handle or grip is made of wood.
18g 9g PA+4 MA+0
Bead Whip
A whip that has beads sewn into it.
35g 17g PA+8 MA+0
Vine Whip
A Whip that was made from a long vine, very thick, and durable.
50g 25g PA+9 MA+0
Studded Whip
A whip with metal studs sewn into it, it can tear into flesh very easily.
85g 42g PA+10 MA+5
Golden Whip
A heavy golden whip, breaks easy.
X 100g PA+5 MA+0
Wire Whip
A whip made with a thread of thin wires, can break the skin very easy.
120g 60g PA+12 MA+0
Thorn Whip
Earth Element DMG
A whip made from a vine covered in thorns, not only thick, but can tear into opponets.
195g 96g PA+12 MA+5
Chain Whip
A whip made of small linking chains, with a spiked head at it's tip.
260g 130g PA+17 MA+0
1/10 chance of Poisoning Target.
A Whip designed to look like a serpent. The Handle would be the the snake's head, the laster would be the tongue. Rolling a 10 will poison your opponet.
470g 235g PA+18 MA+0
Dragon Tail
Fire Elemental DMG
[image] A whip made of dragon scales, resembles a dragon's tail.
560g 280g PA+18 MA+10
Fluffy Whip
[image] A whip made of fluffy and soft materials, nice looking, but completely safe.
X 250g PA+10 MA+0
Spinal Whip
Dark Element DMG
[image] A whip constructed out of bones & ivory, the lasher is made from segments of the spinal cord, while the grip is made of ivory.
640g 320g PA+18 MA+15
Flame Whip
Fire Element DMG
[image] An enchanted whip, that will go ablaze when lashed at an opponet. 2xDMG to Ice types.
1331g 665g PA+25 MA+15
Sword Whip
[image] A special enchanted whip, Normally appears as a sword, bt when swung at opponets it extends greatly, allowing the user to whip slash at opponets from a farther distance.
1700g 850g PA+35 MA+0
[image] A black whip, professionals favor this type of whip over others.
2500g 1250g PA+40 MA+0
Three Tongues
[image] A whip with three tails, causing more damage than an average whip.
3700g 1850g PA+50 MA+10
Hydra's Bite
[image] A special magical whip, the whip itself starts with two tail ends. It will either enable the Combo skill, or increase it by 1 level.
6500g 3250g PA+55 MA+25
[image] The 'Greatest' Whip, great in power, magic, and design.
7800g 1g PA+75 MA+25