Materials have a couple purposes. You may sell them for Golji, or You could use it to Invent something.

Buying and Selling:
Selling something you found is easy, at the end of the quest just tell the acting GM that you want to sell it.
To use a material to make items you'll need to post in the Workshop Forum, Please read the Instructions which are posted in the forum first.
You may Buy Materials in the Bazaar forum, or the Marketplace forum (if a store has them).
You may also give away your earned materials to another character.

B = Buy / S = Sell

Copper: Reddish-Brown metal, good conducter for electricity, malleable.
B:100g S:50g
Iron: Inflexable metallic element, good conduction, must be tempered to bend.
B:100g S:50g
Bronze: Metal, made from Copper and Tin. Very Valuable.
B:130g S:65g
Silver: A precious metal with a pale luster, Valuable and strong.
B:160g S:80g
Gold: A yellowish precious metal, of great value, very malleable, and an excellent conductor.
B:200g S:100g
Golinium: Rare Metal, an unyeilding metal, poor conduction, and heavy.
B:300g S:150g
Mithril: Rare Metal, has a white luster, made from Silver, Tin, and Moonstone (a Gemstone). Lightweight.
B:360g S:180g
Tjinium: A blue metal, must be tempered with a white flame in order to bend, incredibly strong, lightweight, very poor conduction.
B:500g S:250g
[image] Blitz Erz: A metal ore thats been known to shock people.

Creator: Vault Exile

B:225g S:112g
[image] Geon: A metal ore with an abrasive surface.

Creator: Alluru Solai

B:225g S:112g
Precious Stones
Jewels: Amber, Opal, Topaz, Pearl, Aquamarine. Common Minerals.
B:50g S:25g
Gemstones: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Onyx, Moonstone, Diamond, Jade. Rare Minerals.
B:100g S:50g
[image] Gemini Gems: Opposing Gemstones (Red Sapphire & Blue Ruby).
B:500g S:250g
[image] Gemini Twins: Greater Opposing Gems (Black Pearl, White Onyx).
B:1000g S:500g
[image] Pine: A weak type of wood that can rot easy.
B:20g S:10g
[image] Cedar: A moderate type of wood, that is resistant to rain.
B:30g S:15g
[image] Oak: A heavy type of wood that is fairly strong.
B:40g S:20g
[image] Cloth: an average fabric used by many.
B:14g S:7g
[image] Leather: an Animal hide that is used to make various clothing and armors.
B:30g S:15g
[image] Wool: an abrasive, itchy fabric that keeps you warm.
B:45g S:22g
[image] Silk: A shiny, and very smooth fabric.

Creator: Alluru Solai

B:120g S:60g
[image] Beans: Soy Beans, Coffee Beans, Vanilla Beans, Cocoa Beans, Red Beans, used with 'Prepare'.
B:20g S:10g
[image] Water: Your average drinking water.
B:Free S:X
[image] Grain: Various Grains used to make Bread.
B:20g S:10g
[image] Sugar Cane: Sugar in its raw form.
B:18g S:9g
[image] Milk: fresh milk.
B:20g S:10g
[image] Meat: Light, Dark, or Red meat.
B:25g S:12g
[image] Vegies: Various Vegetables (Name a variety when buying).
B:20g S:10g
[image] Fruits: Various Fruits (Name a Variety when buying).
B:20g S:10g
[image] Dye: Used to change the color of fabrics.
Specify a color when buying.
B:20g S:10g
[image] Food Coloring: An Edible Dye used in Foods.
Again, Specify a Color whn Buying.
B:8g S:4g