Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
Walking Stick
The Walking Stick used to be a slender tree branch, it was stripped of its bark, sanded down, and then waxed. It's good for keeping your balance when you're out for a stroll.
20g 10g PA+0 MA+5
Pine Staff
A sturdy staff made of Pine.
34g 17g PA+0 MA+7
Oak Staff
A heavy staff made of Oak
50g 25g PA+0 MA+9
Bamboo Staff
A lightweight staff made from bamboo.
80g 40g PA+0 MA+11
Gold Cane
A Walking Cane made of Gold. Hardly useful, if you come across one, you should sell it.
X 100g PA+1 MA+4
Apple Staff
Chance of Hitting Target Increased by 1
Apple Trees are said to bring you luck. This staff is made out of wood from Apple Trees. It will increase your Chances of hitting your opponet by 1.
200g 100g PA+0 MA+12
Ivory Staff
(Dark Element Added to Attacks)
A staff carved from the bones of a large creature, it includes a pointed tusk on the end, but should not be used as a spear.
298g 149g PA+1 MA+17
Hatten Staff
A staff made by burning the surface just a little and adding a layer of wax. It makes the staff pretty resistant to breaking.
400g 200g PA+5 MA+20
Silver Staff
A long slender staff made of silver, the crown of the staff is endowed with three fins.
580g 290g PA+2 MA+28
(You need a Gem to Activate this Staff)
The Tribal Weapons all require a Gemstone to Activate it's true powers. You need either a Blue Ruby or a Red Sapphire, to activate it.
X 100g PA+5 MA+30
Lightning Rod
Chance of Doing 2xLightning DMG
A long Copper pole, or Lightning Rod, you can do 2xLightningDMG, but be careful, you'll recieve 2xLightningDMG if hit with Lightning.
700g 450g PA+9 MA+30
Dire Staff
(Dark Element Added to Attacks)
A Dark staff, used by Mancers, it increases Dark powers.
1300g 650g PA+8 MA+35
Element Staff
You need a Gem to Activate
Any GemStone will do, depending on which you use, the staff will take on it's element (Permanantly). Be careful to choose which you want, once you activate the element you can't change it's gem.
1200g 600g PA+0 MA+30
Sword Cane
The Only Staff that holds more Power than Magic. The Sword Cane, can be concealed until time of use.
2700g 1350g PA+40 MA+15
Moon Rod
(Dark Element Added to Attacks)
A Rod that adheres to neither light nor dark. Its made of an unknown metal, which increases its striking power, and lowers the chances of it breaking.
4500g 2250g PA+20 MA+50
Sun Rod
(Light Element Added to Attacks)
A Rod designed after the sun. It's popular amoung Wizards. It gains power from the Sun. It can light the way during the dark hours of the night.
4500g 2250g PA+20 MA+50
Midnight Rod
A Rod that will gain power when in darkness.
[Darkness: When in a Quest that taks place at night, you'll get a PA bonus of +10 & a MA bonus of +10]
7500 100g PA+20 MA+80
Eien Stave
At first glance this may look like a spear. Its not. The Eien Stave houses a rather large energy crystal on it's crown. Drastically increasing Magical powers, it has poor striking power, so it can break easy if you try to hit something with it.
9800g 1g PA+10 MA+100