Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
A short light weight weapon that is simlar to the kunai. Extending from the hilt a center round blade, and two similar blades to the right and left, enabling the weilder to parry attacks.
18g 9g +4PA +0MA
Alum Sai
A blued sai made of a lightweight metal.
34g 17g +8PA +0MA
Octogon Sai
The center shaft is octogon shaped rather than round.
54g 27g +10PA +0MA
Gado Sai
image This Sai has a guard on the lower part of the center shaft.
120g 60g +12PA +0MA
Golden Sai
image A sai made of gold.
Xg 100g +5PA +0MA
Kurro Sai
image An old looking sai.
180g 90g +15PA +0MA
Umare Sai
image A sai made from chipped stone, resembles more of a native craft.
360g 180g +20PA +4MA
Kunrin Sai
image The center shaft of this sai is spiral shaped.
450g 225g +25PA +0MA
Silver Antler
image A decorative sai, reienforced with silver.
700g 350g +27PA +0MA
image A pair of black as night sai.
1288g 644g +32PA +10MA
image A dark enchanted weapon that allows to the weild to sap the endurance out of his enemies. Adds Absorb.
1600g 800g +38PA +10MA