Shirt/Robe Name
Buy Sell HP Boost Addition
Cloth Shirt
A shirt made of cloth, with straps of cured leather in a few places to keep the shirt snug.
30g 15g +8HP None
Cloth Robe
A Long Robe made of Cloth, loose fitting.
50g 25g +10HP None
A close fit around the chest, but a loose fit around the hips to allow better movement.
100g 50g +16HP None
Silk Robe
A Robe made of Silk, rips easy, but feels very soft.
X 100g +8HP None
Ranger's Tunic
A Tunic made with dyes that reflect the colors of the forest.
140g 70g +22HP None
A Tough close fitting shirt.
200g 100g +30HP None
A robe, designed to look like aqutic water, special fabrics used, with enchantments. Water Magic cast on Wearer will only do Half DMG.
300g 150g +40HP Half Water
A loose fitting cloak-like robe.
440g 220g +52HP None
Death Tunic
A Dark Tunic, that's cursed, Wearer will be unable to Heal, while wearing it.
525g 262g +66HP Can't Heal
Gaia Robe
A heavy robe, with an enchantment that allows the Wearer to regain 5HP for every turn in battle when the start on rock/stone terrain.
850g 425g +80HP Earth Regain
Crimson Shroud
A Shroud dyed with Red dyes.
1200g 600g +96HP +20MA
A dark, close fitting, combat Gi, good for sneaking around in the dark..
1600g 800g +114HP +1 Accuracy
A Finely made Tunic.
2400g 1200g +140HP None
Wizard Cloak
A Cloak made for those who adore the use of magic over the use of weapons, adds to MA.
? ? +170HP +30MA
Scarlet Robe
A Robe that was made to appear like a swirling sea of scarlet stars, Adds to MA.
? ? +200HP +40MA
Chainmail Mesh
A Lightweight Chainmail shirt, that can be worn over clothing, adds to PA.
? ? +250HP +10PA