Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
Bronze Ring
Graphic A plain ring made of bronze.
20g 10g +0PA +5MA
Wooden Ring
Graphic A ring crafted of a smooth wooden material, so it won't spinter on the skin.
34g 17g +0PA +8MA
Silver Ring
Graphic A twist-band ring made of silver.
54g 27g +0PA +10MA
Marbled Ring
Graphic A ring made of steel, with accents of marble.
80g 40g +0PA +12MA
Golden Ring
Graphic A plain ring made of gold.
N/A 100g +0PA +5MA
Tower Ring
Graphic A ring that has a large tower spike in the center.
200g 100g +4PA +15MA
Wildcat Mark
Graphic An ebony ring, with red claw marks embedded into the ring's surface.
400g 200g +4PA +17MA
Ring of Ash
Graphic An iron ring, with steel, miltril threads bound onto it, houses the Fire Element.
560g 280g +5PA +20MA