Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
Rusted Knife
A rusted knife, it has a dull blade, and will need to be repaired for it to have any use.

Note: Unlike most of the Weapon lists, being that this is the first listed weapon, does not make it the default Knife.

X 2g PA+1 MA+0
The Defualt Knife/Dagger, only one side has a blade, The Knife is a very close quarters weapon, unless you throw it, if you do throw it, you'll have to retrieve it before you use it again.
18g 9g PA+4 MA+0
The dagger is slightly longer than the knife, and is double edged.
35g 17g PA+8 MA+0
The Bowie is the same length as the dagger, but it includes a few jagged teeth in the blade.
50g 25g PA+9 MA+0
Amethyst Dagger
A mystical dagger, the blade is made of amethyst, the hilt is made of silver, and houses a few gems within it.
85 42g PA+10 MA+5
Golden Dagger
A Dagger made entirely out of gold. Becomes Dull Quickly.
X 100g PA+5 MA+0
Often used by a chef, the Cleaver is very good for cutting through bone.
120g 60g PA+12 MA+0
The Mechete is oftenly used for cutting through thick bushes, or tall grass, it's mainly used in jungle-type areas, the blade is very sharp, and doesnt dull easy.
165g 82g PA+14 MA+0
Royal Dagger
A Dagger, fitted with several gems and jewels. The Royal Dagger is mainly for decoration.
X 250g PA+10 MA+0
Arachno Dagger
(Adds Pioson Effect)
A special dagger. The Arachno Dagger, can inflict poison on your opponet (Must Achieve a 10 on dmg roll to add poison). The fangs (blade tips) are coated with a poisonious ointment. The hilt is decorated with petrified spider eyes.
355g 177g PA+18 MA+0
Xero Knife
(Fire & Earth Elements)
A very special knife, enables the user to deal fire, earth, and magma elemental magics on their opponets. The knife is named after a Prince, that was killed in the great diaster.
700g 350g PA+24 MA+15
Driad Dirk
(Earth & Water Elements)
Unique like the Xero Knife, this dagger will allow you to use earth, water, & nature magics on your opponets. Nature magic is the form of plantlife, opposite to Lightning.
700g 350g PA+24 MA+15
A very thin blade, since it's easy to conceal, assassins prefer it over the others.
1400g 700g PA+32 MA+16
(Absorb Ability)
Made by Senji, the Kyushuchi has a curse on the blade. This curse will not effect the owner of the dagger, it only effects those it slices into. [Absorb: 1/2 the Damage you Cause, will Refill your HP]
2400g 1200g PA+35 MA+0
The Baron
(Dark Element)
A deadly weapon, not in the sense of its physical power but that it can cause you to go insane, unless you are in relation to a creature of the night. This weapon will do 2xDMG to Angels, and creatures of Light.
3000g 1500g PA+40 MA+20
Ritual Dagger
(Can Cause insta-Death)
An extremely deadly dagger, designed after the Stilleto, the Ritual Dagger could instantly kill one enemy.
Note: Not effective on Bosses.
[Death: Must roll a 6 on your Damage roll]
5552g 2776g PA+50 MA+25
Sword Breaker
A long dagger, the blade is very thick, and is lined with strong teeth, this dagger is specialized to break other bladed weapons. Doing so will reduce an opponet's attack power. [Break: You must roll a 10 to break a weapon, and in your attack you must mention that you are trying to break the weapon]
6500g 3250g PA+55 MA+0
Ironicly, the Miracle is the smallest knife. It's butterfly knife, you fold the blade into it's hand grip. Yes you can practically fit the Ultimate Knife in your pocket.
7500g 3750g PA+75 MA+25