Helmet Name
Buy Sell HP Boost Addition
Tin Cap
A thin cap made of tin, the inside is lined with cloth.
20g 10g +5HP None
Copper Helm
A Helmet made of Copper, a bit more durable.
40g 20g +10HP None
Iron Helm
A Helm made with Iron, much more withstanding.
120g 60g +15HP None
Golden Helm
A Helmet made of Gold, shoddy, punctures easy.
X 100g +5HP None
Knight's Helm
[image] A durable helm thats round on the top to deflect sword blows.
240g 120g +20HP None
Dark Helm
[image] A Black Knight's Helmet.
360g 180g +25HP Dark E.
Light Helm
[image] A White Knit's Helmet.
360g 180g +25HP Light E.
[image] A Closed-Face Helm with Sharp Horns sticking out of it.
520g 260g +35HP None
[image] A Knights Helm, covered in spikes.
880g 440g +50HP +5PA