Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
Leather Gloves
These Gloves are made of Leather, they protect the hand from blisters, and splinters.
16g 8g PA+3 MA+0
Wood Plated Gloves
These Gloves hold patches of wood about the wrist and the back of the hand. A little better than the Leather Gloves.
20g 10g PA+5 MA+0
Padded Gloves
Like the Leather Gloves, but the lining is padded to keep the hand from getting damaged on repeated use of impacting the fist into an opponet.
34g 17g PA+7 MA+0
Studded Gloves
These Gloves have rivits or studs sewn into them, one on each knuckle, and a few more around the wrist.
55 27g PA+9 MA+0
Iron Plated Gloves
Leather Gloves with an Iron Plate on the back of the Hand, and Plates the back of the fingers.
85g 42g PA+11 MA+0
Gold Plated Gloves
Like the Iron Plated Gloves, except Gold is used, Since Gold is a soft Metal, Gold Dust has gotten into the fabric of the gloves.
X 100g PA+5 MA+0
Spiked Gauntlets
The Spiked Gaunts are lined with fabric and made of Iron and steel, they have spikes on the knuckles and finger tips.
120g 60g PA+12 MA+0
Octoquan (Water Element Added to Attacks)
The Octoquan is an elemental Glove, with this you'll have the water element added to attacks, so you'll do 2xDMG to Fire based Opponets, but Water based Opponets will absorb the assult.
190g 95g PA+12 MA+10
Mage Gloves
These Are Gloves that increase your Magic Power, they have a crest sewn onto the back, these have no specific element.
242g 121g PA+10 MA+12
The Chromyth is a scale-mail Gauntlet, the inner lining is soft and comfortable for your hands, the outside is made in a scale-like design, it can tear at the skin of your opponets.
340 170g PA+18 MA+10
Crimson Tears (Absorb Ability)
These Crimson colored Gloves are decorated with gold tears, they have the ability to Absorb half the amount of DMG you cause and convert it to restore your HP.
700g 350g PA+22 MA+2
Golems Fists (Earth Element Added to Attacks)
Oversized Gauntlets that contain the Earth Element, if you fight and Bird-Typed Enemies you'll do 2xDMG, but only 1/2 DMG to Enemies made of Rock.
1222g 611g PA+33 MA+10
The Tri-Gloves require either a Red Sapphire or a Blue Ruby to activate. These Gloves are commonly found onboard Relics.
X 100g PA+30 (w/Red Sapphire) PA+15 (w/Blue Ruby) MA+15 (w/Red Sapphire) MA+30 (w/Blue Ruby)
Finger Saw
The Gloves are made from Shark Skin, making them as abrasive as sand paper, the fingers are lined with small sharp teeth that dig into your opponet when you swing at them.
1700g 850g PA+35 MA+0
Kinjirusore (Cause Poison)
The Forbbiden Ones, is the nick name for this pair of Gloves, made from arachnid shells, it has 4 peices of red jade on the back, and can cause poison on your opponets of you roll a 10 on your DMG roll.
3555g 1777g PA+48 MA+20
Mace Gauntlets
Imagine having the Ball of a Mace at the end of your fingertips. You fit your fist into these, when wearing these you'll be unable to open doors or pick things up.
5000g 2500g PA+50 MA+25
Dead Hands (Dark Element Added to Attacks)
One of the most powerful pairs of Gloves, the Dead Hands are made of black metal that cannot be broken. They contain a Dark Element that will do 2xDMG to creature of the Light.
7500 1g PA+75 MA+25
Moonlight Gloves
One of the most powerful pairs of Gloves. The Moonlight Gloves are made to represent the Night's Sky, they have stars (gemstones) on them, and greatly increase your Magic. These Gloves contain the Element of Light, and will do 2xDMG to Creatures of the Dark.
7500g 1g PA+25 MA+75