Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
Tac Hammer
A Hammer used for chipping or carving rocks, it has a spike on the end.
20g 10g PA+5 MA+0
Claw Hammer
A Hammer that's used in carpentry. It has a claw at the end for tearing out nails or prying things open.
35g 17g PA+8 MA+0
Balpeen Hammer
A Hammer thats used to shape metal. It has a rounded ball at the end.
54g 27g PA+10 MA+0
Sledge Hammer
A Large Hammer that's used to pound stakes into the ground, or to break through a passage, smash an object. Ect.
90g 45g PA+12 MA+0
Gold Hammer
A small golden hammer, useless, the more you use it the more it loses power.
X 100g PA+8 MA+0
Pic Ax
1/10th Chance of Dealing 2xDMG
on Earth Elemental Targets
An item miners use to break apart rocks, great against creatures made of rock.
130g 65g PA+12 MA+0
War Hammer
A large heavy hammer made of steel and iron.
190g 95g PA+15 MA+0
Spiked Hammer
A double headed Hammer with spiked teeth on each head.
250g 125g PA+17 MA+0
Scorpion Hammer
1/10 chance of Poisoning Target.
A Hammer made from Scorpion Scales, it can Poison your Opponet.
448g 224g PA+20 MA+4
Smith Hammer
A weak hammer but not without it's uses, if you own one, you can repair your weapons during a quest, the price will be deducted from your Golji amount.
Repairs cost 1/4 the Price of of the Weapon.
Normally Repairs cost 1/2 the Price of the Weapon.
800g 1g PA+15 MA+0
Melon Hammer
A Hammer with a large round spiked ball at the end, no its many times larger than the ball on a mace, and the spikes arent as long. This Hammer is extremely heavy.
1600g 800g PA+35 MA+0
Dragon Claw Hammer
(Fire Element Added to Attacks)
A Hammer created with Dragon Scales, it has the power to enable the user to cast fireballs. Does Fire Typed DMG to opponets.
2600g 1300g PA+45 MA+10
Tepes Hammer (Absorb Ability)
A Dark Hammer, this double headed hammerhead style weapon, has a unique ability. 1/2 of the Damage you inflict will act towards restoring your HP.
6000g 3000g PA+50 MA+0
(Earth Element Added to Attacks)
A large heavy hammer made from strong minerals, it can shake the the ground if you pound its face on the floor.
6500g 3250g PA+50 MA+20
The Conflict is made of rare metals, it's double head design comes from the Balpeen hammer's rounded end. It can cause a lot of damage very fast.
8500g 4250g PA+65 MA+15
A very Unique design. The Subarashii is a Hammer Sword Cane, you can use it like a War Hammer, or as a Sword.
9800g 4900g PA+75 MA+25
The Judgement has the ability to harm both light and dark creatures. The Face is designed to look like a skull, the 'claw' is to appear as angel wings. Depends on which side you hit your opponet with it can either cause damage or heal them.
11,000g 1g PA+80 MA+30
Chances of Hitting Increased by 4
Not your average Hammer. The Destroyer is not just doubled headed, but it also has 2 pounding ends, allowing it's possessor to spin around quickly and hit more often.
16,000g 1g PA+100 MA+50