Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
Wooden Club
[image] A club made of wood that just about anyone could hold in their hand.
20g 10g PA+5 MA+0
[image] A Shovel, the hand is made of wood, the scoop is made of a thin sheet of iron. Can be used for digging, or for limited battle use.
35g 17g PA+8 MA+0
Nail Bat
[image] A Baseball Bat with 8 Nails sticking out of it.
54g 27g PA+10 MA+0
Spiked Club
[image] A Large Club with several spikes on it.
85g 42g PA+12 MA+0
Golden Pummel
[image] A stick with a rounded ball at the end, made from gold.
X 100g PA+5 MA+0
[image] Like the Spiked Club, but with a much longer reach.
180g 90g PA+15 MA+0
Morning Star
[image] Like the Mace, except at the tip is a metal ball, with several sharp spikes fixiated on it.
240g 120g PA+21 MA+2
Ball Chain
[image] A Large Iron Ball attached to a thick chain with a shackle.
360g 1809g PA+25 MA+0
[image] A Long sturdy handle, with a chain that attaches the handle to a large spiked ball.
600g 300g PA+28 MA+5
Skull Smasher
[image] Like the Morning Star, but a Skull replaces the Ball.
840g 420g PA+30 MA+10
Bloody Fang
[image] A Morning Star with two Crimson 'Fangs'. Absorb Ability.
1005g 502g PA+33 MA+3
Wolf Tooth Club
[image] Extraordinary Long Club, head includes over 40 spikes.
1400g 700g PA+42 MA+8
Double Ball Flail
[image] A Flail with 2 Spiked Balls.
1900g 950g PA+50 MA+5
Saint's Flail
[image] Made Entirely of Mithril.
2500g 1250g PA+52 MA+15
Dark Star
[image] A Black Morning Star. Hard to see it at Night
4800g 2400g PA+60 MA+15
Dual Mace
[image] Like the Mace, but both ends carry spikes.
7500g 3750g PA+75 MA+25
Meteor Strike
[image] A Flail with a large ball that looks like a Meteor. +Magma (Fire&Earth) DMG
9800g 8g PA+80 MA+30
Solar Flail
[image] A Flail with a ball that appears to look like the 'Sun'. Adds +2 to Accuracy.
14,000g 14g PA+100 MA+40