Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
[image] Fingerless leather padded gloves for fist-boxing.
16g 8g PA+3 MA+0
Brass Knuckles
[image] A grip made of brass that fits over your knuckles for added impact damage.
20g 10g PA+5 MA+0
Spiked Knuckles
[image] Like the Brass knuckles, but with spikes added on the edge.
50g 25g PA+9 MA+0
[image] A lightweight flexable gauntlet with long spikes on the end.
85g 42g PA+11 MA+0
Golden Knuckles
[image] Like the Knuckles, but with small golden disks over each knuckle.
NA 100g PA+5 MA+0
Cat Claws
[image] Gloves fitted with the talons from wil cats.
165g 82g PA+14 MA+2
Bloody Knuckles
[image] Knuckles fitted with square slots on the edge, has the ability to add Absorb to attacks.
200g 100g PA+15 MA+2
[image] A pair of Gloves fitted with dual fangs.
270g 135g PA+18 MA+0
[image] Gauntlets with a solid edge on the end, acting like a sledge hammer.
350g 175g PA+20 MA+8
[image] A large gauntlet fitted with 4 giant talons.
600g 300g PA+25 MA+10