Weapon Name
Buy Sell PA Boost MA Boost
Graphic A miniature crossbow that straps onto your wrist.
20g 10g +5PA +0MA
Graphic ...
35g 17g +8PA +0MA
Silver Dart
Graphic A silver decorated crossbow.
72g 36g +10PA +2MA
Golden Cross
Graphic A Heavy Crossbow with gold plating.
N/A 100g +5PA +0MA
Graphic A Crossbow made from ebony, making it hard to see at night.
280g 140g +10PA +10MA
Gale Crossbow
Graphic A crossbow enchanted with the properties of wind.
340g 170g +18PA +10MA
Inferno Cross
Graphic A Crossbow modeled after Amber & Ember Inferno's Crossbow, A black bow with flames echted into the sides, Arrows shot from this Cross will ignite upon launch.
1200g 600g +30PA +15MA
Luminous Cross
Graphic A Crossbow made of Mithril and Moonstone, illumiates bolts shot from it.
3500g 1700g +48PA +20MA
Griffon Bow
Graphic A Cross Bow carved in the shape of a Griffin.
6500g 500g +70PA +20MA