Buy Sell HP Boost Addition
Leather Plate
A chest plate made of hardened leather that is tied over your torso.
50g 25g +10HP None
Bronze Plate
A plate of Bronze, that fits over your chest.
95g 46g +15HP None
Golden Armor
A golden breastplate thats heavy and uncomfortable.
N/A 100g +10HP None
Iron Plate
A plate made of Iron, that fits over your chest.
170g 85g +25HP None
Pic A shirt made up of metal links in the shape of circles.
250g 125g +35HP None
A suit of wooden armor coated in fish scales. Protects most of the Torso and the shoulders.
450g 225g +55HP Half Water
Several plates of armor constructed together to form a more protecive defense.
590g 295g +68HP None
Royal Armor
Armor worn by Royalty, looks exspensive.
N/A 500g +20HP None
Pic Like Chainmail, but rather than hollow circles the links are solid scales, still allowing easy movement.
878g 439g +81HP None