Technique Style
The Tech Style uses a Mixture of Dice, Stats & Paragraph Combat. But unlike Dice, you do not need a Dicebot, and Unlike Paragraph Combat, you do not need to deter who hit who based on shakey judgements.

How this New Style works is first the GM, will deter the attack order Themselves, then the players will attack based on Turns. The GM will call the Character's name followed by Attack.

Now we get into the Stats part of the Tech Style, which uses 2 Primary stats. HP & Power. Your HP will remain the same as it is shown in your Stat Sheet.

Power however will change, your Base Power is 5, you get a Bonus of +1 for every level gained, and another bonus of +1 for the Level of your Weapon.

Here's an Example. Dain has a base of 5P. Dain is Lv5 (so his Bonus would be +4P), and has a Grund Sword. The Grund Sword is the 9th sword down, so it grants +9P. His Toltal Average Power would now be: 18P, this means on Average he would do 18 Damage.

How do you add more Damage? By adding to your Attack. Certain cominations will grant you a +2, or +7 bonus. Say for example:

Dain slashes at the slime.
This would do 20dmg.
Dain takes a step forward, slashing at the slime in an arced slice.
This would do 27dmg.

You may use words like: Swing, Slash, Slice, Smash, Clobber, Arc, Spins, Shred, Break, Blend, Launch, upward, downward (up and down dont give a bonus), Cripple, Sweep, Crash, Angle, just to list a few. Any of these by themselves would add 2P. Use of combining two in an Attack, would not just be +4, bt it would give an additinal bonus of +3, creating a toltal of 7 additon Power.

If you would like to see a Demo of this Style in Action, refer to the Forum, #Portal Logs, and read the Short Quest posted by Dasweld.