Combat System
The Dice/Combat System, can be Quite Complicated.. To the GM, Running the Quest or Judging the Duel. A Caluclator is Reccamended, as well as a Sheet of Paper Seperate from the Quest Sheet.

We'll get started with the basics.

What a Battle starts Characters are informed of a High Roll. [A High Roll Determines Attack Order], when a GM says "High Roll" you should roll a 1d20.

When the Battle/Duel starts the First Attacker should roll a 1d20, before doing anything else. This is the Accuracy Roll, which tells you if you Hit or Missed.
1-10 Hits | 11-20 Misses
Now if you Hit, you should Type an Attack, after you do that, you need to roll a 1d10. This is the Damage Roll
1:1 DMG | 2-9:Normal DMG | 10:Critical DMG

Now I'll teach you how to Find out what Someone's DMG Capabilities are.
Lets say we're looking at a stat sheet for Xesh.
Xesh has:
33HP 30PA 20MA
What does this tell you?
Easy, it tells you that Xesh can deal 30-15dmg Physically, and 20-10dmg Magically.
When you see someone's PA and MA, the # you see is what they'd hit for if achieving a Critical Attack, Divide that by 2 and you get their Normal dmg.

In come the weapons.
Lets say Xesh has a Short Sword.
A Short Sword ads +5 to PA but Only if you Attack with the Short Sword. This would increase Xesh's PA to 35 (35-17dmg).
Lets view a sample of Xesh Attacking an Enemy in 2 ways.
Xesh slashes at the slime
[Xesh used his Sword, so he could deal 17 to 35dmg]
Xesh kicks the slime
[This time he used his foot, reducing his PA dmg to 15-30]

Weakness / Half / Immune / Absorb

Some Races / Creatures will have an Elemental Weakness, this in turn could benefit your Character, lets try a few examples, please note Weakness to an Element will deal Double DMG.

Xesh casts Fire on the Ice Fairy
[This would change Xesh's MA dmg from 10-20, to 20-40]

Some Creatures may Half Elemental DMG, this in turn is bad, it decreases your dmg.
Xesh casts Fire on the Molten
[This would change Xesh's MA dmg from 10-20, to 5-10]

Immune, this will Nullify A certain Element, meaning if you attack this enemy with that element it will do Zero DMG.

Absorb, a nasty ability, this works in 2 Ways.

Absorb1: ABS Element, casting or using an Element that the Enemy Absorbs will in turn Refill it's HP.
Absorb2: ABS DMG Caused, Half of the DMG the Enemy causes will go towards Refilling it's HP.
Bleed chews on Xesh
[This being a Physical Attack would deal 11-22dmg, and would Refill it's HP by 5-10]
Absorb 2 Cannot be used in Conjunctin with Magical Attacks, only with Physical ones.

Skills / Abilities

Once you've leveled a bit, you may be able to get a Skill, some Skills allow you to bypass a ew of the rules above, I'll list a few:
Accuracy Lv1 : Lets you roll an 11 on the d20 ad Hit
Agility Lv1 : Lets you roll a d25 on the High Roll
Hype P : Lets Karada deal Normal DMG if they roll a 1 on the d10. Hype M : Lets Seishin deal Normal DMG if they roll a 1 on the d10.
Abilities are GainedVia Leveling, Abilities vairy from Race to Race, you'll start with 1 Ability, then ever 25 Levels you'll get another, until you get all 4. Some Abilites will work with Dice, Some will work without dice.

That about sums up the dice system, I'll do a Quick recap:

High Roll 1d20 
Accuracy Roll 1d20 (1-10 Hit | 11-20Miss)
DMG Roll 1d10 (1:1dmg | 2-9: Normal | 10 Crit.) 
Toltal PA/MA : Crit. 
Divide PA/MA by 2 : Normal 
Remember that if a Character doesn'tuse their Weapon (Unless it's a Hand) then they do not get the Bonus for Physical Attacks, But for Magical Attacks they do not need to use the Weapon to get the Bonus.