Name: Slime Artifacts
Slime Green Orb

40g Effect 1: Possibility of Adding Poison.
Effect 2: Adds Green Hue 5PA & 2MA / +2HP.
Klae Onyx Orb

45g Effect 1: Possibility of Adding Darkness or Dark Element.
Effect 2: Adds Black Hue, +5PA +3MA / +3HP.
Aqus Clear Orb

70g Effect 1: Add Water Element
Effect 2: Adds Light Blue Hue +8PA +3MA / +4HP.
Mosss Hairball

85g Effect 1: Add Nature
Effect 2: Adds Dark Green Hue +8PA +4MA / +4HP.
Bleed Heart Fossil

125g Effect 1: Add Absorb (Requires a Selection of other Artifacts).
Effect 2: Adds Dark Red Hue +10PA +5MA / +5HP.
Acyd Glowing Rock

200g Effect 1: Add Fire
Effect 2: Adds Orange Hue +10PA +6MA / +6HP.
Oilu Heart of Coal

250g Effect 1: ???
Effect 2: Adds Black & Orange Hues +14PA +6MA / +6HP.
Grovas Heart of Stone

250g Effect 1: Add Earth Element
Effect 2: Adds Gray & Beige Hues +16PA +4MA / +6HP.
Cneus Bronze Heart

150g Effect 1: Lightning Deals 2x More DMG
Effect 2: Adds Bronze Hue +12PA +0MA / +5HP.
Sleus Silver Heart

400g Effect 1: Add Light Element
Effect 2: Adds Silver Hue +18PA +4MA / +6HP.
Geleus Platinum Heart

750g Effect 1: Add Golden Hue +50% Value Increase.
Effect 2: Adds Luster +25PA +10MA / +9HP.
Crown Tempest Orb


2400g Effect 1: Add Lightning +4MA.
Effect 2: Add Wind & +1 to Accuracy / +10HP.
Effect 3: +2 to Accuracy +4MA