Name: Vandenki
Description: Like the Vampire, the Vandenki is nearly identical, as least on the surface. A Vandenki has likeness to Lightning or Electricity, and will not flinch when shocked.

Character Traits: Vandenki still must feed, or drink blood to sustain themselves, they prefer blood that has a strong taste of iron, or copper to it.

Habitat: Luftwell's Blue Sun will not completely burn a Vandenki, It will however irritate their skin if they are out in the sun for too long.

Notes: None.

1. Electrodermis Default
Immune to Electricity.
2. Feed 300ep
Allows a Vandenki to Feed from Opponets, this Ability will work like Absorb (1/2 of the Damage caused will Refill your HP), however you may not recieve a DMG Bonus from a Weapon, and may only Feed off Enemies that have Flesh and Blood. [This is only Required in Quests]
3. Electrokinectic 180ep
Allows a Vandenki to increase their Lightning Magic by +10.
4. Electron 1500ep
Allows a Vandenki to Absorb Lightning-Based DMG (DMG Taken=HP Refill).