Name: Vampire
Description: A Vampire is an Undead (so to speak) Human, sometimes reffrenced as the Anti-Angel. Vampires can turn ther humans or other races into Vampires by biting them and going through a ritual.

Character Traits: Vampires have a tendantcy to feel the 'Hunger', so they must drink blood to curb it. Be it from a Humanoid, Animal or in the form of Blood Wine.

Habitat: This Varies, however one thing always stays the same, Vampires hate sunlight as it can burn their skin, Luftwell's Blue Sun however cannot reduce a Vampire to ashes instead it will only burn the surface of the skin, which to a Vampire would hurt like hell. Luftwell's Violet Sun does not effect vampires in any way.

Notes: Vampires are a hard Race to put down on paper, since just about everyone plays their vampire character a little different and customizes it to their likings. So in Luftwell you do not have to go by any one kind of setting.

1. Some ppl make it so their vampire can give birth, while others may say vamps cant have children, this area will be left up to you. 2. Some ppl say that all Vampires are soulless, and thus they are pure evil, wether you play your vampire character as evil or not is entirely up to you. 3. Some say that Vampires cannot taste food and really have no need for it, but again this will be left up to you.

Sub-Races: Vamphire (Vampire & Fire Elemental)
Daywalker (Vampire & Human)

1. Guise Default
Allows a Vampire to walk around amoung Mortals, undetected.
2. Feed 300ep
Allows a Vampire to Feed from Opponets, this Ability will work like Absorb (1/2 of the Damage caused will Refill your HP), however you may not recieve a DMG Bonus from a Weapon, and may only Feed off Enemies that have Flesh and Blood.
3. Inhuman Strength 150ep
Gives a Vampire a Bonus of +10PA.
4. Mist 300ep
Allows a Vampire to pass through Barriers like Barred Windows, or Gates, this also allows Allows a Vampire to Avoid 1 Battle per Quest (best to use if weakened).