Name: Lhyse
Description: Those who are born of an Angel and an Elf, sometimes reffered to an Angels of Love.

Character Traits: Like most Angels they toohave Halo, but their wings vary, mostly in one solid pastel color. Lavender, Soft Pink, Baby Blue ect.

Habitat: They will either Live with their Angel brethren, or in the Forest with the Elves, some even wander the lands.


Arch Lhyse

1. Divine Default
Only recieve Half the Damage from Light Attacks.
2. Bless 240ep
Enchant a Weapon or Shield with the Attribute of Light for the Duration of 1 Battle.
3. Charm 500ep
Expend 70SP to Charm an Enemy (After Battle, Charmed Enemies will run away).
4. Cure 1000ep
Use your SP to Cure a Character's Status (3SP x # of Turns the Character has been Inflicted).
Example: Poisoned for 3 Turns, Costs 9SP to Cure.