Name: Gemini
Description: Gemini are Born from an Eternal and Non-Eternal when the Eternal has not yet obtained their 3rd form. Gemini are Born as Twins, each the opposite of the other. If one were to die, the other would soon follow, as they are extremely dependant on each other.

Character Traits: Gemini may possess one of two forms, ad one of two Elements.
Form 1: A Demonic Form, with black skin, but white feathered wings. Has White Blood and Black Organs.
Form 2: An Angelic form with black bat-like wings. Has Black Blood and White Organs.
The Forms are the True Nature of the Beings, the Demonic and Angilic sides will only show if the subject is pushed into a corner, they may switch between their true form & their basic human guise.

Gemini are are usually very close to each other and that may lead to Inbreeding, since it is actually the nature of their race, Unless thre are other Gemini around.
If two Gemini were to have a child the child would take on the powers and abilities of both parents, but it would not be a Gemini, instead it would be an Eternal, however if a Gemini and another race (other than Gaian) had a child the child would be another Gemini.

Habitat: Gemini will usually live close to their parents, and will stay near their siblings. In the rare occasion that their sibling were to die and they were to live on, they would of course live elswhere.

Notes: None.

Demonic Form
1. Yang Default
Half Darkness.
2. Dark Race 300ep
Immune to Darkness
3. Ying 150ep
Half Light.
4. Dark Reign 1500ep
Absorb Darkness.
Angelic Form
1. Ying Default
Half Light.
2. Light Race 300ep
Immune to Light
3. Yang 150ep
Half Darkness.
4. Light Reign 1500ep
Absorb Light.