Name: Water Elemental
Description: These are creatures that are made up of a single element, highly proficient in magic, and sometimes take on a guise to blend in.

Character Traits:

Habitat: Varies.

History: One of The Tribe of Water's captains betrayed his own kind and joined Nadir's group, Taqua was exiled with the rest. What was left of the Water Tribe stayed behind to face their end, however the end did not come and they were able to build the city of Linghai. Taqua was later defeated in Tyran's Caverns, and killed on Mirror Isle.


Sub-Races: None

Base - Water
Evolution - Ice or Nature
Adept - Glacial or Gaia

1. Immunity to Water Default
Water-Based Attacks will deal Zero Damage.
2. Adept 500ep
Plus 20 to MA.
3. Half Fire 300ep
Fire will deal Normal damage.
4. Absorb Water 1500ep
Allows Water Damage to be Absorbed into your HP.