Name: Light Elemental
Description: These are creatures that are made up of a single element, highly proficient in magic, and sometimes take on a guise to blend in.

Character Traits:

Habitat: Varies.

History: The Tribe of Light did not participate in the war (so after the war was over, they occupied Tarjin), however a faction of Light Elementals did join of their own accord. Lead by Tamashii, they were fighting against Nadir, and were so caught up in the war, they too ended up being exiled. Tamashii had a prisoner on his ship, an Eternal. Vijai was caught at a younger age and was exiled to Tyran with the rest of Tamashii's group, leaving his brothers behind. The ships had all been tampered with and crashed into Tyran's surface one year before the pub had been built. The crash caused Vijai to lose his memories, also killing off most of the faction's members. Tamashii met his end on Mirror Isle.


Sub-Races: None

Base - Light
Evolution - Holy
Adept - Soul

1. Immunity to Light Default
Light-Based Attacks will deal Zero Damage.
2. Adept 500ep
Plus 20 to MA.
3. Enchant Weapon 150ep
Add Light to a Weapon for 1 Battle/Round.
4. Absorb Light 1500ep
Allows Light Damage to be Absorbed into your HP.