Name: Elf
Description: Elves may usually be decribed as a magical wood dwelling race, short in stature, and small in figure, most common feature being their pointed ears.

Character Traits: Elves tend to live in the woods or forests, but they are not restricted to those places, and may freel dwell elsewhere. Elves have a good proficientcy in magic, archery, tracking, and gardening.

Customization: You may RP your Elf how you see fit, you do not have to stick to the traits above, they are just to describe the general race.
Related-Races: Dark Elf (Elf & Human)
Light Elf (Elf & Fairy)
Draq (Drow & Vampire)

1. Hearing Plus Default
Allows an Elf to hear and make out the sounds of those around him, and at a good distance.
2. Adept 500ep
Add +20 to MA.
3. Healing Wind 1000ep
Allows the Use of Healing Magic at the cost of your SP.
4. Wood Bender 1400ep
Warp Trees, and other Plantlife to you're will at the cost of 50% of your SP. You may use this skill to Avoid Battles, or clear obstacles.