Name: Elemental
Description: These are creatures that are made up of a single element, highly proficient in magic, and sometimes take on a guise to blend in.

Character Traits: They tend to majoritize the element that they are made up of when using magic. Sometimes they may use other spells with less effectiveness. Elementals each have a weakness of the opposing element.

Habitat: Varies.

History: In Luftwell the Elemenal Tribes stirred up a war (The Great War), that resulted in the gods being locked away, ad the Tribes being Banished. The Majority in Luftwell is now human, as it used to be Elemental prior to the war.


Sub-Races: None

Fire -> Magma or Lightning
Earth -> Magma or Nature
Water -> Ice or Nature
Wind -> Ice or Lightning
Lighting -> Tempest
Magma -> Solar
Nature -> Gaia
Ice -> Glacial
Light -> Holy
Darkness -> Chaos
Holy -> Soul
Chaos -> Cosmic

To Evolve your Race, you'll have to learn all the Abilities first, then Ask a GM to change your Race. You may start as any of the Elemental Races on the left. However Tempest, Solar, Gaia, Glacial, Soul, & Cosmic must be earned.

The pages Below this one on the Race list, will include the details for each evolution, Elementals have 6 Branches.
Fire | Water | Earth | Wind | Light | Dark