Name: Fire Elemental
Description: These are creatures that are made up of a single element, highly proficient in magic, and sometimes take on a guise to blend in.

Character Traits:

Habitat: Varies.

History: The Tribe of Earth was torn apart by Garis, on his rampage. Only a platoon that was out on a scouting mission survived, their captain, was Targ. Targ eventuall was exiled with his other members. Unfortunately, Targ's ship crased and he was the only survivor. Targ was killed in Tyran on Mirror Isle.


Sub-Races: None

Base - Earth
Evolution - Magma or Nature
Adept - Solar or Gaia

1. Immunity to Earth Default
Earth-Based Attacks will deal Zero Damage.
2. Powerhouse 300ep
Plus 20 to PA.
3. Half Wind 300ep
Wind will deal Normal damage.
4. Absorb Earth 1500ep
Allows Earth Damage to be Absorbed into your HP.