Name: Devil Tyrant
Description: DT's will start off as a possessed Blade or Sword, each looking the same as the other, A long darkened blade, a Skull Pommel, and a hilt that looks like boney fingers. They float above the ground.

Character Traits: DT's in Quests are usually deceptive, they rarely break out of their routine and join people in the bar. A DT is a weapon after all, created to only destroy. However there are exceptions. Sometimes, although rare a DT might start to remember who it once was, it might drift from its party and explore.

Habitat: N/A

History: DT's were created in the time of war, by Nadir's blacksmiths who were forging swords made out of human souls. They were Sodliers that did not feel or bleed, you didn't need to feed them or care for them, an army of Swords that wreaked havok throughout the land. After the Diaster, Nadir went into exile, taking the remaining DT's with him. He also created DG's to go with the DT's when he resurfaced in Tyran.

Notes: To play a DevilTyrant you must contact a GM and ask for permission.

Sub-Races: N/A

DTEV1 - The Starting level of a Devil Tyrant, it acts as a soldier for Nadir's legion.
DTEV2A - If A DT & DG are combined, they'll appears as a sword and shield floating in mid-air, as if a ghost were holding them, The Shield is for appearances, as much as it is for defense.
DTEV3A - IF Devil Tyrant Evolution Level 2A is then combined with a full suit of Armor it will become a Devil Knight, one of the most fearsome evolutions, heavly defended, with no weakness, since they don't have blood or organs they require no nurishment, making them perfect killing machines.

DTEV2B - If a DT leaves its squad, seeking out the truth behind its existance, sometime down the line, it will aquire the ability to possess the dead. A corpse will from that point, carry the DT as a sword in a sheath of some sort, the DT will interact with others through the corpse.
DTEV3B - If it contiues to interact with others, eventually the DT's mind will expand, it will no longer need a corpse, but will project an illusion of a person carrying it around, the illusion could be whatever race the DT wants it to be.
DTEV4 - If the DT, from 3B is molded with a Golem, it can take over the golem's body. The Devil Tyrant will stick out where the Golem's neck/head would be. The Golem's body is usually large and cumbersome, not very agile.
DTEV5 - Continuing on, The Body through further evolution, over time will start to mold itself, sculping out a new physique. This new body would be more lean, much taller, it would have a head, it's head would consist large carved eye for its face, the eye cannot blink.
DTEV6 - After living on its own for several years, a DT will reach its final level, becoming even more lean, it will remain unwieldy, but greatly increase in agility, and dexterity. Its face will remain motionless, it's head will grow two blade like horns, this form is reached when the Devil Tyrant, regains all its memories.