Name: Centaur
Description: Half human/Half horse. They don't much like Humans, get along great with Elves and Fae-type creatures. They're strong and can pull heavy loads. They can run fast, they're very good warriors. They're noble, hold honor and respect highly. Hair and tails and body color on the equine half can be any color you'd normally find on a horse. They like hair ornaments like beads and feathers, some like tattooing or piercing. They're good with lances, longbows, longswords, and simple weapons. They do not give people rides unless its either absolutely necessary or the person is someone they trust.

Character Traits:

Habitat: Varies.

Notes: Descripton provided by Aislyn.

Sub-Races: ...

Base - Centaur
Evolution - Sentauri

1. Night Sight Default
Allows one to view the night as day.
2. Acute 100ep
+5 to Overall MA.
3. Brute Strength 120ep
+8 to Overall PA
4. Barrier Kick 1200ep
Consume SP to destroy Barriers. Wooden Doors, Gates, weak walls.