Name: Angel
Description: Angels are creatures of 'Heaven' that are tools of God sent about the Heavens and the Earth below to fulfill certain deeds.

Character Traits: Angels tend to wear white robes or dresses, they have a golden halo, and two feathered wings on their back.

Habitat: Luftwell's Heaven and Hell are both located in Tachweld, a pocket Realm, The Eden is 'Heaven', The Apocalypse is 'Hell'. Luftwell's Angels exist in an Alternate Realm, that can be reached from varius Temples or Churches.

Their homeland, Artifically created is made up of crystal, prism, and silver, There isnt much plant life, as Angels have no need to eat. They do however need Water. Notes: Which version of Angel you decide to play is up to you. Be it Luftwell, an Angel from another Game (World)

Sub-Races: Thyst (Angel & Elf)
Arch Angel

1. Divinty Default
Light Magical Damage will be nulled.
2. Bless 240ep
Enchant a Weapon or Shield with the Attribute of Light for the Duration of 1 Battle.
3. Absorb Light 1500ep
Light Magical Damage will Restore HP.
4. Heal 1000ep
Use your SP to Heal a Character (1SP=2HP).