Kaisen GU
GU's are roughly 20 feet tall, the cockpitis large enough to hold one person inside. GU's use AR (Armor), rather than HP, so your HP won't be effected until the AR reaches 0. If your GU's Armor reaches zero and continues to take DMG, it will break down, making it so you cannot act while you are in it. Lightning will cause major dmg to Units with 0AR.

The Garage: Allows you to Upgrade your GU, giving the Armor a coating from a certain metal, its your choice but you need 5 bars of that metal (Ex. 5 Bars of Copper, to have Copper Coating), more Info. will be available in the Garage forum.

Meshing: Taking a GU, a Summon, & Relics to create a new Unit Type (Requires Mechanic License, and a Garage).
Merging: Taking a GU, a Summon, & Artifacts to create a stronger Summon (Requires BioMerge License & Laboratory).

Available Generic Units
Knight GU-K40
A Unit designed to look like a Knight, starts out with a single steel sword, good of defending, and offense on even terrain.
500c (5000g) 400AR 60PA 10MA
Additional Parts
Shield SHI0
+100AR / Cost: 150c/1500g
Axe AX60
+60PA / Cost: 75c/750g
Wraith GU-W25
A Unit without legs, instead of walking it hovers, useful for manuvering over water, ice, sand, ect. Lacks Armor plating, includes a sickle for one hand.
300c (3000g) 250AR 40PA 20MA
Additional Parts
Buckler SH50
+50AR / Cost: 130c/1300g
Scythe SI60
+60PA / Cost: 75c/750g
Merc. GU-M50
Similar to GU-K40, but the Armor plating sticks out less, and the unit uses ranged weapons, includes a Rifle.
700c (7000g) 500AR 55PA 15MA
Additional Parts
+40PA / Cost: 50c/500g
+60PA / Cost: 75c/750g
Ogre GU-G60
A Large, heavily armored Unit, which has a hi amount of AR, its weapons are its fists, not good for Icy or Watery terrian.
800c (8000g) 600AR 70PA 20MA
Additional Parts
+100AR Null Earth DMG / Cost: 180c/1800g
Talons HAT5
+50PA / Cost: 60c/600g